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How to Sell on Amazon USA, FBA for Beginners?

by Jannifer Aniston
How to Sell on Amazon

You’ve heard the saying “sell before you can swop, buy or build a business plan. Well, if it’s time to start your own online enterprise then Amazon USA is an excellent platform for beginners and experts alike! It has one of largest markets in existence with people shifting towards shopping on this site almost any type product: from groceries all the way down through stationary supplies like planners or notebooks plus everything else imaginable under sun–even furniture!

Amazon has become the go-to place for many things. From books to clothes and everything in between, it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for on Amazon! The company is estimated that over 90% of Americans have shopped from Amazon USA at least once.

How You Can Get Started?

You can get started on Amazon quickly and easily by using the FBA program. When you sign up, they just need your products in stock so that it will be shipped straight to them when an order comes through. The cost of this service is actually pretty affordable because all customer support goes through them as well–no more worrying about a slow email system or being able send messages back-and-forth between company representatives if something goes wrong.

Are you looking for a way to make the most of your Amazon USA selling skills? If so, read this. You can still be successful even if it’s just starting out as an individual seller on their marketplace and following these simple rules!

How to Sell on Amazon USA? Basics Fundamentals

  • Amazon business model options
  • Private label overview
  • Amazon fulfilment process

What is an Amazon FBA?

FBA is a great way for sellers to cut down on the hassle of shipping their products, and still make money. When you sell through Amazon FBA it’s easy because they handle all that hard work!

One of the most popular business models for selling on Amazon is private label. It requires a product, an account with seller privileges and access to your item so customers can buy it straight from you instead of through other Sellers or third-party platforms like eBay & Alibaba who may not deliver in time. Once they receive their purchase, they will look at its reviews before making up their minds about whether this was worth what was paid; but if there’s no feedback left then all bets are off!

Amazon Business Models

Private Label:

Creating your own product label/brand is referred to as private labelling.


Purchasing goods in quantity from a brand or from distributors with excess inventory in order to sell on Amazon.


Purchasing cheap goods from stores or online to resale on Amazon.

Drop Shipping:

The practice of purchasing goods directly from a manufacturer, who then fulfils the order and delivers it to the consumer.


Making your own goods to sell on Amazon.

How to Sell PL Product on Amazon FBA?

Private label means you produce your own bulk products to sell under a brand or label. This is the most common sales method for Amazon USA sellers—71% use it!

You Have to Do:

Product Research:

A vital part of any business, product discovery can be difficult. However, with just a little know how and some time spent researching products on Amazon you will be able to find the most profitable opportunity for your company’s needs without breaking a sweat!

Product Listing:

You can create listings for your products within the Amazon seller account, and brand them with you own unique logo.


Reach the masses with your product! One way to do this is by giving it an interesting presentation and promoting yourself on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Get people excited about what you have so they can help spread word of mouth marketing that could vault them into one-star territory for top rankings in searches.

Sales Management:

Keep an eye on your inventory and sales to make sure you’re scaling properly!

What Amazon USA Does?

Amazon’s brilliant system of automated warehouses, called fulfillment centers (or FCs), receives your products from you or the supplier and stores them in one -million acres worth. The robots that run these facilities do so with a mix of human oversight to make sure everything is running smoothly; employees help out too when needed!

When a customer places an order on Amazon, their credit card is automatically processed and we ship out our products from warehouses near them – all within 24 hours of receiving payment!

Amazon takes care of all your communication needs, from shipping notifications and tracking to reviews. You can also use the Amazon return portal for easy returns!

What Type of Things to Sell on Amazon USA?

  • Firstly, product research
  • Eligibility for best-selling products
  • Best Amazon product categories

A few best practices that you should follow when looking into the market: 

Let data drive what products are most profitable and relevant to your audience, rather than choosing one because it’s something like yours or someone else’s idea; trust me (and if you have any thoughts at all about which item might be right for the sale, check how similar items perform)!

Don’t rush it. Product research is important preparation that requires little bit time and analysis to be successful, but with a tool like Jungle Scout you can mine Amazon data for products with all three of these trifectas: high demand, low competition (since most people don’t know they exist yet), as well as positive profitability – which will give your company an edge on its competitors!

How to Find a Low-Competition, High-Demand, Profitable Amazon Product?

There are many factors that you need to consider to find perfect product.


A factor that you need to consider when sourcing products for Amazon is profitability. For every product, think about whether the cost and time spent on sourcing it could be offset by selling at substantially lower prices than what they are currently retailing for elsewhere – this way if we know which item will sell well then, our profit margin increases exponentially!

One thing I find useful in estimating my potential sales numbers here while making sure these estimates don’t get off track too much because there can always differences between countries or regions (even states within one country). So, let’s say an idea has 2 variants; some may only take 10 minutes but others might require another couple hour.


The key component of a good product to sell on Amazon USA is demand. We use data and analytics, like your sales numbers from other products you’ve sold in past years or what kind have people asked for when making orders at specific times during the day – all these things help us better understand customer behavior so we can provide them with exactly what they want!


The key metrics that help determine competition are the number of products and their quality reviews. In other words, do any of these already listed on Amazon seem like they could work for you?

What Type of Products Sell the Most on Amazon USA?

The top and bestselling products on Amazon are:

Home & Kitchen, Sports & Outdoors, Toys and Games, Health Household Baby Care, Beauty Personal care, Kitchens Dining, Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry Etc.

Start Your Research for Amazon Product

Jungle Scout makes it easy to find the perfect products for Amazon. You can explore their entire catalog, narrowing down your ideas with filters that are specific and relevant. If you want to explore product opportunities in the Pet Supplies category. You have to select that category and add filters.


Price ($20-$50): For the sake of profitability, we recommend aiming at a price range around $25-35. However, it’s important that you try not to be too expensive because customers will likely just buy from other sellers if they have no incentive or discount offer available in return; Sales Volume (~300 units/month per product with 10 sales daily average): This is rather crucial since there needs enough volume so as not compete against high.

You’ll want to assess the size and weight of your product, as well as ease in sourcing/manufacturing. You can also evaluate seasonality – ideally you hope that people will purchase this during all four seasons! Lastly look at whether or not there are any existing brands dominating similar markets with a stronger presence than yours (uniqueness).

Track Products Over Time to Help You Narrow Down Your Options

To get a better idea of which listings are working best, you should track products over time with the goal being narrowing down your search. We recommend monitoring as many listing on top for any given keyword at least 2-4 weeks to see how they’re performing before making decisions about what goes into future campaigns or promoting certain ones more heavily based off their performance in those first few weeks after launch.

Find Improvement Potential

It is important to find improvement potential in the products you are selling. This means looking for a product opportunity with proven demand and profitability — but one that can be bettered or made unique enough so as not compete directly against other brands on shelves already there waiting your arrival too soon! There’s no need at all; just understand how best you differ from competitors (and use those differences) when going out into market place today: differentiation matters most of all these days.

How to Source Products for Amazon FBA?

  • Source Quality suppliers
  • Evaluate Product Samples
  • Order inventory for Amazon

Research Amazon USA Suppliers

There are hundreds of thousands of companies around the world that can create any product you want. If your list is too long, narrow it down to suppliers with high-quality products for a competitive price and those who have proven themselves in business before.


The largest B2B platform in the world, Alibaba is seamlessly integrated with a search function that lets you find relevant products and manufacturers.

Supplier Database of Jungle Scout

The Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database is the best way to find a supplier for any product or company. You can search by manufacturer, product type (like tea kettles), country of origin and even competitor name!

Sourcing Agents

Sourcing agents are a great resource for sourcing products from countries with the best quality and price. They often speak your target language, making it easier to communicate about pricing in that region of the world; however, you should always do research on who will represent a lower cost because not all suppliers or distributors have international reach like some may think!

Request A Quotation from Suppliers

Find some that interest you and compare them against each other. Send out an initial email or RFQ, but don’t forget about using Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database!

Analyze and Improve Product Samples

Once you’ve narrowed down your product samples to those who can offer it based on the initial outreach, order them.

Order and Ship your Amazon Items

Once you’re satisfied with the product, then it’s time to start earning sales! There are five steps in this process: Price out what you have sold before; determine pricing terms or methods of payment (often working closely with freight forwarders); pay for inventory using cost-effective carrier services. Quality inspections on every item will be executed at drop off points – these ensure that items meet all customer expectations before they’re shipped off from our warehouses around the world…and don’t worry about international shipping because we’ve got those covered too!

How to List a Product on Amazon

  • Keyword research
  • Product listing must-haves
  • Seller Central navigation

Keyword Research

The right keywords can be the difference between an ad being seen by your target audience and getting lost in a sea of Others. If you know which words to include, research shows that customers will find you!

Creating a keyword list for your product can be done in two different ways: using Jungle Scout’s Keyword Scout and entering the ASIN of top competitors on Amazon.com

Draft Your Listing’s Title

It’s important to draft your listing’s title so you can rank it for the top keywords that are relevant and also have high search volume. This will make more customers use those terms when looking at products like yours, which gives them an advantage over competitors who don’t take these points into consideration!

Get a UPC Barcode for your Product

If you want to sell products on Amazon, then the first thing that needs done is for them all have a universal product code or UPC barcode. This can be purchased from GS1 and once this has been acquired, they will give sellers access in Seller Central where your listing goes live!

Get Quality Images for Your Listing

High-quality images of your product are important for marketing. Make sure they show off the best features and what makes it unique!

Make a Listing in Seller Central

You can create your listing in just a few easy steps. First, go to the “Listings” section of Seller Central and click on “Create New Listing.” From there it will guide you through creating all of its required elements like title text or meta data as well so make sure that they are accurate!

How to Launch an Amazon Product?

  • Amazon’s Best Seller Rank
  • Product reviews
  • Promotion strategies

Three factors that affect your ranking include:

Sales velocity – the rate at which you are selling products, such as 10 units per day or 1K per month.

Your sales history on Amazon (how many times it has been sold).

The conversion rate for those who click through into buying from this page versus making an actual purchase by clicking out of curiosity.

How to Improve Amazon Conversion Rate?

The key to improving your Amazon USA conversion rate is optimizing the details and selling price. We’ll share some tips on finding that perfect balance in order for you to keep revenue coming in without losing too much money!

First, optimize the listing of each product with keywords and images. Second, price it low enough so as not break even or lose money when someone buys something from there; but don’t make it too cheap either because if they do buy at full-price then all their purchases come out differently than expected – which could affect future orders by other customers who are looking up items related to what these particular buyers bought before them.

How to Set Price for Amazon Product?

Offering a lower price than your competitors is important, but it can be risky. This will help get new customers on board with what you have to offer and give them the incentive they need before buying at full cost! You may want also consider offering discounts through Amazon coupon codes or using an orange “discount” badge for high-volume sellers who are looking to reel in more of these types from their web searches.

How to Make Your First Amazon USA Sale?

The two best ways to get your product noticed on Amazon are through deals sites and paid advertising. Deals Sites will offer you a large audience that is highly interested in what they have available, while PPC allows for the promotion of products across many different channels at once–allowing them access consumers who may not see posts elsewhere online!

The first step when launching any new listing should always include promoting it heavily using both methods mentioned above before adding more marketing tactics as needed or budgeted; this ensures an initial influx of sales which can then be used wisely throughout other strategies such as content creation.

Advanced Selling Tactics Help You to Your Business

  • Expanding your business
  • Listing and advertising optimization
  • Inventory management

Selling on Amazon isn’t a business you can set and forget. But if you prepare for success with data tools then your chances will be high. Consider the following tactics:

Listing Management

Listing management is essential in the e-commerce world. Regularly checking on your listings and answering questions from customers will make sure that you get more sales, as well as helpful feedback for improving products going forward!

Advertising Optimization

Every week, you can optimize your PPC campaigns for the highest-performing ads. Run a search term report to get an understanding of how each individual keyword performs and remove those that are not performing well while increasing bids on winning ones.

Expanding Your Product Line

You can research or validate product ideas in a similar niche as your existing products by using Jungle Scout’s Opportunity Finder and evaluating high-demand, low competition keywords.

Brand Building

Building a brand on Amazon can be profitable. Building your own loyal customer base will help drive more traffic and sales to the products you sell, so make sure that they’re well designed with an eye-catching presentation in mind before considering this option! You could also become registered as part of their Brand Registry program which gives certain enhanced marketing features for brands looking stand out among competitors while improving conversion rates overall thanks largely due its personalized environment designed just for them.

Inventory Management

If you want to find a balance between keeping up with demand and not having too much inventory in Amazon’s warehouses. Then we recommend about 3-6 months’ worth of goods. Make sure that this amount is monitor by checking back on the date each month or week. Before it expires so as not run out at just the wrong time!

Account Health

Keeping your Amazon USA account healthy is important for the success of any business. It can help prevent risk-aversive suspension or warnings. And ensure compliance with amazon’s policies so you’re eligible to sell on their site. You should focus positive customer feedback while avoiding complaints regarding authenticity/safety issues as well!

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